Frequently asked questions

How should I care for my jewellery?

Even if they are made of resistant materials in order to be worn every day, it is still important to follow some general advice for your treasures to keep their original beauty. Gold-gilded or plated brass: To make sure that your pieces remain as shiny as possible, we advise you not to wear your MARIVS jewels whilst sleeping, exercising, gardening, doing the dishes or showering. Don’t wear your plated jewellery in swimming pools, spas, or seawater and please be careful to avoid contact with makeup, oils, lotions or perfumes. Wipe clean with a soft cloth before putting it away and keep your jewellery in a cool dry place, when you’re not wearing it. The 24 carats gold treatment will evolve and fade in some places, revealing the brilliance of untreated brass. If you don't like it, we can restore its original finish or make a new one very easily. Contact us to send your jewel back to our workshop. Shipping costs are your responsibility, and beyond the guarantee delay (or in case of poor maintenance of the jewel on your part), fees for the new treatment will be estimated and charged. Silver: 925 sterling silver care is easy and convenient, but there are techniques to make sure to prolong your luster. Pure water by itself doesn't damage your MARIVS silver jewellery, but most of the water we're exposed to in our daily lives contain chemicals and contaminants. It can result in tarnished and dull-looking silver, so we advise you to avoid as much as possible to wear your jewellery in the shower, swimming pools, spas and seawater and to be careful to avoid contact with makeup, oils, lotions or perfumes in order to keep your polish. Silver jewellery tends to oxidize when they are not worn and stored in the dark, but oxidation can easily be removed. We recommend using DIY cleaner at home, like baking soda paste (2 parts pure water, 1 part baking soda). Apply it using a soft dry cloth or an old toothbrush in gentle motions and movements. Sometimes, jewellery is so comfortable that you forget to remove it before going to sleep. It is always better, however, even for silver pieces to avoid falling asleep while wearing necklaces or earrings as they may get tangled up and damaged. Your piece of jewellery is guaranteed 1 year concerning any eventual fabrication defect (it doesn't cover any damage caused by the customer). However, it can of course be returned to us for any repair or modification in our workshop in Paris. Contact us so we can study together the procedure and costs.

Is there a CVM·ILLE showroom I can visit?

If you would like to visit our Antwerp studio to see our full collections or order bespoke pieces, please email cvmillestvdio@gmail.com to book an appointment. The boutique where you can discover the vintage jewellery, FINDS by CVM·ILLE, is open Thursday to Saturday, 12:30 - 18:30.

What are the MARIVS pieces made of?

The jewels are entirely handmade in Paris, through the Antiquity-inspired process of lost-wax casting.

We sculpt the first models in vegan wax (bees free), to then cast them in plaster. This mould is heated to melt the wax, creating a cavity in the plaster where we can sink molten metal.

We currently collaborate with a founder in a closed circuit, to be able to cast brass and silver from recycled scraps. Pieces can also be made in vermeil or solid gold upon request.

The earrings and medals clasps, forged-to-measure, are all solid sterling silver and hypoallergenic as well.

Every jewel coming out of the cast are reworked every time and set-to-size; chains and handcrafted clasps are wrought, adjusted and the final pieces assembled will be 24 carats gold gilded or plated.

Learn more about our fabrication ethics here.

What ring size should I order?

As most of our finger jewels are made to order, please refer to our size chart when placing your order to make sure your MARIVS ring fits you perfectly. You can also use a virtual ringer on this site: http://findmyringsize.com (available in several different languages, and for conversions from many countries). If you are still unsure of your ring size or have any questions, please contact cvmillestvdio@gmail.com where we will be happy to help you!

How long will it take to receive my jewel?

Regarding the MARIVS Collection, all orders that we receive are managed from our STVDIO in Antwerp and manufactured in our Parisian workshop by our craftswomen.
If the jewel that you ordered is in stock, it will be shipped within 1-3 business days. We ship all orders through registered, recorded delivery, and are happy to help with any urgent delivery requests.
For pieces that are made to order the shipping delay will be 4 to 6 weeks. This concerns: - The MANCHETTE, the TORQVE, the BOVCLE D'OREILLE at all time - The customizations (engraving requests, different metal editions...) - The pre-orders of pieces or sizes currently out of stock For the FINDS vintage jewellery sales, you'll find 2 new drops every month, and the orders are sent on every Monday.

Where are the FINDS vintage pieces coming from?

CVM·ILLE have had exclusive access to house stocks from Parisian brands created in the 70's. They were offering high quality, all crafted in their Paris ateliers "Bijoux Couture", filling the space left at the time between big luxury houses and the anonymous retail chains. Production has then changed a lot in the jewellery field during these past decades and this type of manufacturing has stopped, burying treasures for us to find... So here we are, vintage high-quality collectible pieces, never worn before, which have patiently waiting for us and you to make them finally shine! Follow our CVM·ILLE finds Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/cvmille_finds/ for more insight.