Founded by Parisian designers Camille Bourdarias and Quentin Boyer Di Bernardo, CVM ILLE is a Antwerp-based studio, creating genderless high-fashion jewellery and objects with a focus on timeless designs, local production, and sustainable and recycled materials.

We continuously strive to implement practices that further these values.

The creative offices & design studio, based in Antwerp, Belgium, are supplied by green electricity from local renewable sources.

All deliveries in the Antwerp region are also provided by bicycle couriers.



The designers Quentin & Camille also wanted CVM·ILLE to have even more direct social impact, thus they created a partnership with a local organization in their hometown, a sanctuary located where Camille was actually born.

Indeed, for each jewel purchased, 2% of the sale price is donated to the French Association « Les Luttes à Lier » for the creation of the First Animal Sanctuary (Vegan & Anti-Specieist) in the Paris region – a place of non-oppressive life for animals from other species saved from a life of abuse, breeding or slaughter. 

Gold textures by CVM ILLE

MARIVS treasures are entirely handmade in the workshop in Paris, through the Antiquity-inspired process of lost-wax casting.

We sculpt the first models in vegan wax (bees free), to then cast them in plaster. This mould is heated to melt the wax, creating a cavity in the plaster where we can sink molten metal.

We currently collaborate with a founder in a closed circuit, to be able to cast brass and silver from recycled scraps. Pieces can also be made in vermeil or solid gold upon request.

Every jewel coming out of the cast are reworked every time and set-to-size by our craftwomen; chains and handcrafted clasps arewrought, adjusted and the final pieces assembled will be 24 carats gold gilded or plated.


The gilder we collaborate with is labeled “EPV” (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) – the only distinction of the French State that recognises the exceptional know-how within Parisian companies of excellence.

In addition, in partnership with an innovative local startup specialized in the recovery of pollutants and metals contained in industrial effluents, the electroplating workshop is equipped with a new generation of patented fibres. This allows the de-pollution of water and air, as well as the complete recycling of metal traces in it. 

This project is part of a sustainable economy approach, respectful of resources and in accordance with the concept of “Factory of the Future”. 

Vegan wax prototypes for MARIVS earrings
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