Prior to establishing CVM·ILLE, Camille studied first cinema & literature while Quentin was experimenting scenic arts & sciences. The two met later during their applied arts cursus in Paris at the prestigious ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres, where they graduated together from the same promotion.

Camille then spent a couple of years working in fashion and lingerie design, where they discovered Designer Fine Jewellery which made them want to specialize their styling and join The Haute École de Joaillerie (BJOP), the oldest and most prestigious jewellery establishment in the world, located Rue du Louvre in Paris.

Quentin pursued their apprenticeship as animation films Director at Gobelins Paris, the oldest animation school in France, rewarded as the best animation school in the world. Passionate about Franco-Belgian comics since childhood, they are recognized for their naturalistic drawing universe, reinterpreting the Art Nouveau codes.

Directly inspired by the two creators' backgrounds, their lives in Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest, Antwerp, and a vehement obsession for sustainability, CVM·ILLE was officially launched during Paris Fashion Week - SS19 at the iconic La Java.

Founded by Parisian designers Camille Bourdarias and Quentin Boyer Di Bernardo, CVM·ILLE is a sustainable fashion jewellery studio based in the diamond world capital, Antwerp.

Offering house collections, bespoke pieces, and experimental capsules, the creators imagine gender non-binary sculptural pieces, at the crossroads between high-crafted objects and fashion accessories, and introduce a new way of designing, making and wearing jewels.

Their first collection MARIVS shapes an Antique vision of the sea, gathering modern classics gold figures that transcend seasons.

FINDS by CVM·ILLE is offering vintage couture pieces, curated from Parisian ateliers created in the '70s.

MARIVS, the Epilogue film by CVM ILLE
MARIVS, the Epilogue film by CVM ILLE
MARIVS, the Epilogue film by Quentin Boyer Di Bernardo